The rise of e-commerce has to be the best thing the internet has given to everyone. You can become a merchant with just a phone. Imagine being allowed to become a merchant without any capital; being able to start with nothing to end up as a successful merchant. This is the opportunity Shopify offers people.

Shopify is the leading e-commerce business that was born from the need of easy buying and selling. If you would like a step-by-step process on how to start Shopify for beginners, here you go.

Signup with Shopify

Starting your Shopify store is as easy as owning a phone or a computer. Visit Shopify.com to access the signup form for the creation of your account. You would be asked to provide your email address. Be sure to enter the required details correctly.

After that, click on Start free trial button. It will direct you to another page where you would create a password and your store name. Make sure your username is unique and your password is simple to remember. After this, you will go through 3 different steps of creation.

The first step is to provide information about your business. You have an automatic reply that you can pick from, all you have to do is to pick rightly. The first question is if you are already selling products yet. The answer to this question determines your next question.

Based on your location, Shopify can detect the kind of currency you use and ask the appropriate questions. You would also be asked if you are setting up the store for a client. The next step is for you to add your address to set up a business address. This page can also be modified later.


Set Up Your Store

When you are done with the sign up process, you would be allowed to enter your store. Here, you would be able to start customizing your store, setting up payments and shipping methods and uploading the pictures of your products. Here, you can also verify your email. You are also provided with video guides to help you with the information you need.

If you lack the time for all these, you can employ the service of Ecomdesign.


Design your Theme and Layout

Shopify understands the power of representation. Like a physical store, the outlook of your store is important. This is why there are many nice themes you can pick from. There are free and paid themes. These themes are designed to suit the purpose of your store. All the themes also have a comprehensive list of modifications. This means you can set your theme to the way you want it.

The paid theme are called premium theme. The themes are within the price range of $100 and $180. To avoid the confusion that comes with picking a good theme, you can hire the service of Ecomdesigns.

Ecomdesign is a creative web agency that has taken it upon itself to help upcoming dropshippers create the best e-commerce stores. You can either purchase a website from our catalog or request for a custom website. All the work will be done for you to get the best design.


Edit Settings

To avoid making your store look like others, you might have to edit your Shopify settings.

On your admin screen, pick the Themes option from the left navigation menu. You will be redirected to a page where you will see your theme in a column at the top. On the top right corner of this column, are two options. You will be provided with another option of changing some basic settings. It will allow you edit the setting of the theme to make it more unique.

You can also customize your theme. There is a customize Theme option. The option enables you to edit basic functionality of your store. Here, you are able to play around with your setting to explore new functionalities.


Add your Products

Now that you are satisfied with the theme and the setting of your store, you can proceed to add your products to your store. Navigate the bar on the left to select Product icon. From there, click on a blue icon that has Add a product. The page will provide the space to name the product, describe it, add a picture and price of the product. You can also add the inventory, quantity available, the weight, product status and the tags of the product.


Shopify is a trusted e-commerce platform where you can sell products. It is basically an online store that gives you the platform to make a lot of money. If you find the process too difficult and time-consuming, you can just open your Shopify store with Ecomdesign, the professional web agency will create a perfect Shopify store for you in no time.


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