The goal of any business is to make good sales and profit. In e-commerce, one of the most assuring factors for making great sales is selecting the perfect niche for your business.

However, selecting a niche in e-commerce poses to be a challenging task for upcoming drop-shippers on Shopify, since there are lots of niches and product options to select from.

To help you with this, here are some tips and factors to consider in picking the best niche for your Shopify store.


1.Know What You Are Passionate About

When picking a niche, don’t just be money-driven, make sure you have an amount of interest in it. Passion will keep you motivated even when the business does not turn out well at first.

When you have passion in your niche, creating content to promote your business and draw traffic to your store would be easy. Also, genuine interest in your niche means you’d be having fun while creating content and making your money.


2.Be Knowledgeable About the Niche

A bit of knowledge about your niche will make it easier for you to make plans and create contents to draw customers to your store. When you have a strong background understanding of the nature of the products within the niche, you will know exactly how consumers want it and you will serve it like that in your Shopify store.

However, if you find a niche that interests you and is equally profitable but you know nothing or very little about, you may not need to dismiss the idea. Just take enough time to get familiar with this niche. You can do so by following pages or checking websites that post content related to this niche to get knowledge and inspirations from them.


3.Pick A Profitable Niche

When selecting a niche for your Shopify store, a major factor you need to consider is the profitability of the niche as the major purpose of you creating an online store is to make profit.

Compare retail price (the price you are going to sell it) and wholesale price (price per unit as obtained from the supplier) to determine your profit margin.

Make sure you will still have reasonable profit left after extra charges like delivery fee or customs services (for shipped goods) have been removed.


4.Pick A Marketable Niche

The marketability of the products in a niche is one of the major things to consider. Are your products appealing to the market? are your products what people actually need? Is your quality worth going for? When selecting your niche, ensure to go for niches that will satisfy consumer needs at reasonable cost.


5.Do your Research

Quality research is necessary in any successful project. It is no different in selecting a niche for a Shopify store. You need to research a number of things before choosing a niche. They include, but not limited to;

  • Demand: you need to know the level or volume or requirement of your niche in the market. How high is the demand for your niche? Demand for a niche depends on factors like season, location, availability (scarcity) etc.

There are some tools used to determine demand of niches in the market. These online tools are listed below;

  1. Google keyword planner: This is an SEO tool that gives analytics on google searches. Since most people search for products online before being directed to online shops, you can check the most searched niches.
  2. Facebook Audience insight: Facebook is the most used social media app in the world. Definitely, it is accurate enough to make solid predictions and samplings. Facebook audience insight gives you an insight into people’s interests, lifestyle and demographic overview so you can deduce their needs and trends.
  3. Google Trends: Google marketing trends help in taking a trip to consumers’ minds. You can easily know what people are searching for, most lucrative niches and so on.

  • Type of Niche: Some niches are evergreen, they have been doing fine in the market since whenever, they are doing fine now and will continue to do well because customers basically can’t live without them. Example of this is Men and Women Fashion. Fashion is evergreen, products only change within it because of trends.

If your new store has captivating branding and good advertisement, you are sure to make sales. However, some niches suddenly gain popularity and there is a huge surge in their demand.

This high demand lasts for a while before falling again. During this ridiculous surge in demand, you can make very high sales and ridiculous profit, but demand may fall anytime, just as fast as it rose.

Therefore, it is not so advisable to totally capitalize your niche on such. For example, fidget spinners. It gained popularity so fast and also lost popularity within two years.

  • Target Market: You need to know your target audience/market before choosing a niche for your Shopify Are you selling to college students? senior citizens? Vegans? Gamers? etc. It is necessary to know the stereotype of your audience in order to make your advert contents and branding directly towards them.

Also, this will help in efficient planning. If your target market is going to be international, delivery and customs services will be put into consideration in your planning.


6.Do A Competition Evaluation

This can be quite tricky, as too heavy competition will make it difficult for a starting store to strive and too light competition may suggest very low demand or an unprofitable niche.

Go for a niche with medium or fairly high competition, then promote your store with great advertisements, use social media influencers and premium branding. You are good to go.



Following these factors and guidelines, choosing a great niche for your Shopify store shouldn’t be so draining. You can also check here for the top 10 Shopify niches, compiled by us at Eco-design.

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