Looking to become an entrepreneur in this age is no longer difficult. With dropshipping, you can own a business with little capital, no skill, low overhead, no particular location and at a very simple scale.

Dropshipping is that retail business where you don’t necessarily need a store to run it. All that is required is to purchase the item from a third party, and the item will be shipped directly to the customer. It is literally one of the easiest business to start. However, it has its own challenges.

If you would like to start your own dropshipping business, here are some essential tips for a successful dropshipping business.


Tip 1: Do your research

Doing some research about a business you intend to go into is a wise decision. It gives you insight into what to expect and how to handle future problems.

In dropshipping, you are required to do a lot of research. There are many niches to consider, and without proper research, you might get confused on the niche to focus on. By researching different niches, you can easily consider which niche is best for you.

Once you have picked the best niche for you, the next thing is to make plans. Making plans requires a lot more research that even picking a niche. Dropshipping is not too different from being a retailer. As a retailer, you need to look into market trends, prices of goods and competitors. You need to know the top-selling products in the market and the less competitive products in your niche to sell.

Products like fashion items are always changing. A dress that was in trend last month may soon be considered old fashion and no longer selling. If you keep advertising that dress, you are not giving your customers what they want, and they would find someone who will. In other words, your research as a dropshipper never stops; you must always endeavour to stay on top of market trends.

You can easily inform yourself about trends by using apps and websites like;

  • Google trends, and
  • Oberlo


Tip 2: Create a great E-Commerce website

To look credible to your potential customers, your E-commerce website has to be well-designed with a nice user interface and great user experience.

Here at Ecomdesign, we are dedicated to helping upcoming dropshippers create the best E-commerce website possible. We create custom shopify stores, woo-commerce stores and even WordPress Static websites based on your request.

Whatever niche you want to go into, we can create the best website that would resonate with your target buyers.


Tip 3: Find a trusted Supplier

Suppliers are the most crucial part of dropshipping. In fact, they are the backbone of the whole business. They are the ones who you place your order to, the ones who fulfil your order, and the ones who ship it down to your desired location. Suppliers are like your business partners.

The success and failure of a dropshipping business rest in the hands of your supplier. If they send lesser quality products to your customers, it is your business that will suffer for it. So, it is advisable that you take your time when looking for a supplier. Only do business with suppliers with good credibility.


Tip 4: Order product Sample

As an entrepreneur, it is smart to test the waters before you go largely into a business. Ordering samples from your chosen supplier is one of the ways to test your supplier. Get a feel of what you want to sell to people. This way, you can assess your supplier.

By ordering a product sample, you would not only be testing the supplier, you would also have the means to take note of the delivery and the quality of the goods. The law of buying and selling is that you should sell what you can buy and use. Ordering a sample is a very good tip you mustn’t ignore.


Tip 5: Create irresistible offers

E-commerce thrives in juicy offers and deals. Everyone wants to get the best product their money can buy. If customers can get a product for a lower price and an amazing offer, they are sure to patronize you. I mean, we all love a nice deal, don’t we?

So, as a newbie in the dropshipping business, creating irresistible offers may be your key to cupping lots of customers.

However, ensure that the deal is also favourable to you. If you sell your items at a lesser price with very little profit, you will run at a huge loss no matter how many sales you make.



Dropshipping is the one of the easiest way to become an entrepreneur. A business with very little capital and lots profit sounds unreal, right? Well, that’s the e-commerce world for you.

E-commerce has made buying and selling easier, so why not join the train and start your dropshipping business today? Surely, the tips in this article will make things easier for you.

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