To be a successful dropshipper or a Shopify user, you need a niche. Picking the perfect niche for your e-commerce business is one of the best favors you can do for your business. A niche will help you focus your strengths and ideas into being a better seller.

You can pick your niche based on your passion and how knowledgeable you are. But to give you an idea of some of the niches you can choose, here are 10 Shopify niches for 2021.


  1. Health and Personal Care

This is one thing for everyone. Everyone wants good health and the ability to take care of themselves. Picking the health and personal care niche will introduce you to a world of responsibility and loyal customers.

For this niche, your target will be the younger and the older generation. The younger generation is focused on hustling and keeping their energy running while the older generation wants to maintain their health and feel young again. So, this niche is not only lucrative, it is also a way of you helping other achieve optimum health.


  1. Power Tools

This is another Shopify niche that has gained grounds in the e-commerce world. People want to do little repairs in their homes and to do that, they need smart tools. Again, this is a niche that helps your business get attention from everybody.

If you are looking to make a lot of money from Shopify in 2021, you should consider selling power tools.


  1. Beauty and Fashion

The business of beauty and fashion can never be extinct. Now, the quest to look good is not just for women anymore. Everyone wants to steal and command attention when they walk into a room. Selling beauty products and fashion products on your Shopify in 2021 is surely going to bring in some good money.


  1. Office Products

Everyone want to do their job easily. Advertising a product that is proven to make office work easy will get the attention of many people. As far as it saves stress and time, office people would definitely patronize you. Writing tools, paper shredder, files and folder are all office products people are looking to buy online.


  1. Tech Supplies

In a world where tech is making life easy, everyone is waiting for the next big thing. Picking the tech niche will expose you into a world of wonders. It would present you as a savior and a middle person between the tech producers and buyers.

Without a doubt, the tech supply niche is a great Shopify niche for 2021.


  1. Kitchen Accessories

What are we without food? The Kitchen Accessories niche is a niche where demand never gets low. People would always want to buy kitchen accessories and if you have a store where you sell these, be ready to make cool cash.


  1. Gadgets

Whether mechanical or electric, gadgets are quite important. Many people have made money from Shopify by selling amazing and useful gimmicky gadgets. You too can create a successful Shopify store by selling cool gadgets.


  1. Fitness Kits

Working out is as important as feeding. There are so many exercises that require different kits and tools for a great result.

Many people are looking to shed the weight they amassed during the lockdown. Hence, by selling fitness kits, you would be helping people stay healthy and would be making money at the same time.


  1. Car Accessories

Selling car accessories is another popular Shopify niche you can never go wrong with. Car owners constantly need to maintain their cars to reduce the wear and tear of their rides. Selling accessories that will make the process of their maintenance easy will attract the attention and patronage your store needs.

This niche has a lot of products you can sell to a wide range of customers. You are allowed to be a consultant and a seller in your store with this niche. If you are passionate about cars, this Shopify niche is perfect for you in 2021.


  1. Home and Bedroom Supplies

The home you live in is where your whole world is. That’s where you receive visitors, eat, rest and sleep in. You would love your home to look like paradise right? Well, everyone wants this too. Everyone wants to have a beautiful place they can call home.

This is definitely one niche you need to look into in 2021.



These Shopify niches are the most popular and the most lucrative niches. They have been proven to help sellers gain recognition and visitors to their Shopify stores.

However, you can pick the best Shopify niche and not be as successful as you want if you don’t take your e-commerce business serious. At the end of the day, it all boils down to you and the work you put into your store.

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